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A credit report is a complete overview report of your credit history prepared by a credit bureau. What credit bureaus do is they collect all your financial data, create credit reports based on that information, and later personal loan lenders use the report, along with other details to determine loan applicants is qualified for the loan.

Annual Credit Report

An annual credit report is the complete detailed information about all the financial activities you made throughout the year. You can choose to request either 3 months, 6 months and one year (Annual credit report).

Credit Rating For Lending

After you get a full report of your credit score. You can then find lenders accepting your credit score. For any lending purpose eg: personal loan, installment loans, a credit report is a must.

No hard credit check

When there is no hard credit check perform, you are safe on your side that it won’t be affecting your credit rating. As simple as that there will be no penalty to your credit history. You can process to the credit score check above.

Secure & safe

We don’t store any data except your name and email address. Your data will be safe in the hands of the credit bureau.

Credit Score For A Personal Loan?

In case you are considering checking your credit score for a personal loan. You can review the best personal loans to find yours. Lowest interest rates guaranteed along with no processing fee. Give it a try.

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Personal Loans Int makes it so easy and secure to get an annual credit report from credit bureau authorized by the Federal law. Every 12 months, one credit report copy generates for each individual by the credit bureaus. Get started from above.

Credit reports are usually generated by a math equation. Most of the credit bureaus have automated software to make the report quickly and easily for you. So, preferable all report should be same it is just a matter of guidelines and finance tips that make the credit report more attractive.

Yes, the credit score scale starting from  250 up to 900, and 900 is the highest credit rating. If your credit report shows you have 900 scores, you will get the lowest interest rate offers.

The highest Equifax credit score is 850. The minimum starting from 250. Having a credit score of 850 in your report you will be an excellent applicant.