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Get started with home loan calculator and find your monthly payments, total interests paid per month and payable amount. A quick view of what you will be paying every month for your home loan.

Let’s find out your result by choosing loan amount, terms and interest rate.

Loan Amount 5000
Loan Terms (No of Month) 36
Interest Rate 10
Easy Monthly Instalment (EMI)

Loan Total Interest

Payable Amount

Loan Percentage

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Get started with our free mortgage loan calculator that helps you determine what your monthly payment will look like. A home is the major purchase so considering knowing the monthly payment is very important. An idea of your monthly payment is an important step in answering the “how much home loan can I afford?” question.

Personal Loan Calculator

Start Using the PersonalLoansInt free personal loan calculator and estimate how much your loan will cost, including monthly payments and interest rate throughout your loan. A complete overview of your payments and terms including e-mail report. Compare between your monthly payments can be a good advantage of selecting the right one.

Car Loan Calculator

Getting a new car and want to apply for a car loan today. Use our auto loan calculator to find your fixed monthly payments. Easy to calculate your loan payments for each month based on interest rates and terms. Get started today and find the perfect loan payment report calculated. Your estimation at your inbox, therefore, no hassle to find it every time you forget.

How It Works

Select the loan amount you wish to apply for and terms. Finally, choose the interest rate and get the result. No filling up any form entering your personal details. No personal information required to find the loan estimation. Our home loan calculator gives you a very quick result just within a click and no more waiting.

A home loan calculator is a calculating tool that is used to estimate the monthly payments rate of a loan based on its amount, terms and interest rates. It automatically calculates using the data and gives a quick result to the user.

Unfortunately, this service is currently unavailable. Our home loan calculator service is active but no email report will be generated. We will soon add the feature to our website.

Not at all. You do not need to provide us any credit score or credit history right at this moment to use our home loan calculator. The calculator service is completely free of cost. You can calculate your loan payments anytime you wish.

Our calculator supports refinancing mortgage calculation. We have a separate calculator that users can use to calculate your refinance mortgage. The ost is absolutely free. Calculate anytime you like from anywhere.

Yes. Our home loan calculator works similar to a payoff calculator. As it calculates your loan monthly payments. A payoff calculator is something that calculate the amount you will be paying off every month.