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Pay every month with fixed installments. Never worry about missing a single payment on time using autopay. You know what you will be paying for each month throughout the term. Fast, easy and instant approval.

PRODUCT: Personal Installment Loans Online

SoFi Fast Approval Loan

6% - 15%

Installment Loan

Fixed Monthly Payment

Auto-pay every month

Min. 660

Credit Score*

Long term

No late fees

The more fees you are paying, the more you are losing your money. That’s why SoFi personal loans are dedicated for the people looking for improving savings. 100% completely fee-free. That means there are absolutely no fees at all and no shady hidden fees for processing the loan. The only thing that you would be paying is your interest .

Personal Loans Int

Discover Instant Approval

6.99% - 24.99%

No Processing Fee

Fixed Monthly Payment

Auto-pay every month

Min. 660

Credit Score*

Long term

Flexible Payments

Most of the loan application decision made on the same day. After approval, funds deposited directly to your bank account. Don’t pay higher interest rate loans and don’t get into the trap of credit cards overdraft. You can save hundreds of dollars or even thousands give it try.

LightStream Online Installment Loan

3.59% - 14.24%

Installment Loan

Fixed Monthly Payment

Auto-pay Every Month

Min. 660

Credit Score*

Short Terms

Flexible Terms

Starting Low rates and easy online application and approval. No more waiting in the cue, experience the best loan ever, guaranteed. AutoPay discount is only available prior to loan funding only. Rates without AutoPay are 0.50% higher then the normal payment methods.

No more worries about what you will be paying. Installment loans make it fixed and flexible for you.

Have greater savings in terms of low interest rates. Your monthly payments are fixed and turning on the autopay, never miss your payments even you forgot.

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Advantages Of Installment Loan:

  • Option to select from multiple lenders. There is plenty of online installment offers with low rates.
  • Flexible time to repay. Unlike the payday loan as short-term loans, you don’t have to pay fast. Take time and pay.
  • Even bad credit is accepted.
  • Quick approval so get your money fast.
  • No hard credit check, so you are safe on your side.


Easy Installment Small Loan For Bad Credit:

  • Accepted by most lenders.
  • Instant approval as quickly as the same day.
  • Best option in terms of the other loan.
  • Low interest rates.


Online Installment Loan Benefits:

When you apply for a loan. The lender is always bit clever and tries to take extra money from you, time to time. Such as, in terms of late fees etc. The best way to be safe is to make your payments fixed and monthly. Your monthly installments will make it easy for you to manage and repay on time.

We can not guarantee you any fixed APR rates, the terms, your APR rates, and terms will be set by the lender after your application is submitted.

How Loan Comparison Works?

Personal loan comparison can save you money. All lender try to convince customers by giving them different options and advantages. Comparing the facilities like APR rates, origination fees, late fees, hidden charges, credit history, credit score, debt to income ratio. Comparison Tool makes it easy to select and find the right choice for you.

An installment loan is a term where you pay back the loan amount on a fixed monthly installment basis. However, a more flexible term can be considered. Depending on you and the lender. The loan can be repaid by a set number of scheduled payments. The minimum is at least two payments terms.

Bad credit is not a crime or sin. It is just you made mistakes with your dues and paid later. So, that can not be a big reason to not approving your loan. An installment loan is designed for the people struggling to get a loan because of having a bad credit history. Some of the lender offer no-credit-check at all.

Yes, it can affect your credit score in case you failed to pay on time. It’s just the same as all the other late payments as considered to be added into the credit history. eg: credit card late payments, utility bills late payments etc.

At first, before you start processing the loan. You should make your mind how many sets of payments, you want to create for the repayment, throughout your terms. It can set to as minimum as two payments or even a monthly payment.

Yes, absolutely some of the financial institutions do accept borrowers with bad credit score. Even with a credit score of 580 or less is accepted.