Top 5 Best Bank and Company Offer Personal Loans

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When it’s about the most important decisions in life, like Personal Finance, we don’t take a chance. We try to figure out ways, to get the best of it. Getting personal loans from banks and other financial companies have been always reliable for borrowers. Trustworthiness and superb customer support, are also vital facts for them, in regards to personal loans.

Most Banks and other personal finance company, in the United States, have financial products like Personal Loans. But, on the other hand, online lending companies eg: peer-to-peer lending has also created a big impact in the marketspace due to the fact of the fast online loan process. While online lending has become very popular nowadays and loved by the millions of consumers. Most of the reputed banks and financial companies are now offering Online Personal Loans. Even some of those have created an additional finance department, that only take care of all the personal financing.

However, because of the huge marketspace. There are many scammers and bad reputed companies out there. That you need to aware of, or else you can’t even imagine, what they do to get the returns. There will be more penalties. One could be no fixed rate loans. So in future, there is a big chance, that you will be paying much higher than you thought. Hidden fees, extra charges and more.

Understanding the fact that, most personal finance company and banks, do require a minimum credit score (Average: good credit) to be eligible for the personal loan. But, in certain cases, we have found some people are looking for: personal loans for bad credit. Using our personal loans comparison tool, find the loans that fit best for you, based on your credit score.

Banks and Companies: Trust and Support

Getting a personal loan from a personal finance company with a good reputation. First of all, it ensures that you get a great customer experience. Unlike some online lending frauds, finance companies are more reliable because you get a physical address, great customer support and most importantly, millions of other trusting.

Not only that, when a reputed financial company offer personal loans, you can be more relaxed because there will be less chance of getting robbed. So, your singing contract would explain everything, million reviews by the existing customers, and trusted comparison companies.

Note: Always read your signing agreement, before you sign up, could be a LIFESAVER.


Moving forward to our topic:

How to identify a Personal Loan Company is Legitimate?

There are a few steps, you can take to identify a personal loan company is legit. To do so, please follow our To-Do-List to identify personal loans company is legit.


Personal Loans: Top 5 Bank & Company

The list below have been sorted for the best 5 companies with higher reputation, millions of customers, research and final results from real customers reviews.

  1. Suntrust Bank Personal Loans:

    Suntrust Bank is one of the nation’s largest and strongest financial services companies, offering a full suite of products and services designed for personal finance. Lightstream is a part of Suntrust bank, department for personal loans. LightStream, an offshoot of SunTrust Bank, offers excellent rates for creditworthy borrowers. You have the extra advantage of no fees for loan origination, no prepayment policy. Flexible monthly terms and autopay, and finally, high borrowing limits make it a good choice.

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  2. SoFi Loans:

    SoFi, Social Finance, Inc. is an online personal finance company offering financial products eg: student loan refinancing, mortgages and personal loans. A great advantage, SoFi Membership, the key essentials for only just financing, it also helps to build a career, by career advisors and connection to a thriving community of like-minded, ambitious people. Get a loan to buy a home, save money on student loans, grow in their careers, or invest in the future. SoFi community works to empower the members to accomplish the goals they set and achieve financial independence as the final outcome is stability.

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  3. Discover Bank Loans:

    Discover Financial Services, Inc trusted by millions of customers. is an American financial services company running by the Discover Bank of America. It’s a group of companies, owns and operates the Discover and Pulse networks, and owns Diners Club International. A great fit for, Best debt consolidation loan. No loan application fees, so you will already be saving minimum 1.5%, compared to other lending companies origination fees. The most clever part, if you don’t want to pay interest. Discover gives you a rapid chance, you pay within 30 days, NO Interest for your loan.

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  4. Prosper Peer-to-Peer Loans:

    Prosper is a peer-to-peer marketplace, Inc. A San Francisco, California based company in online lending, founded in 2006. Prosper connecting good credit borrowers with investors who can choose to fund their loans. Offers low interest, fixed-rate personal loans for good credit. With proposer, enjoy the great advantage of installment loans. Pay monthly payments for 3 or 5 years, fixed on choice. In case you want to pay early, you can also save money, having no pre-payment penalties. Most borrowers today, is always in hurry due to a busy schedule in their life. So, Prosper makes it more convenient, get everything done as quickly as within just one day.

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  5. LendingClub Loans:

    A US-Based peer-to-peer lending company, Lending Club headquartered in San Francisco, California founded 2006. A better personal finance for fast loans seekers, up to $40,000. Opportunity to borrow from a company with an existing 2.5 Million happy customers database. Great personal loan for good credit with a minimum of 600 credit score*.  Fixed interest rates so no tension for ups and down. Its flexible monthly payments and autopay make it more comfortable, never miss your payments anymore.  In case, you missed one, no late fees covering you.

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Every financial institution has their catch, to get profit. So, it is obvious that it’s their business and profit is the key to get more success to the business. Therefore, choosing a safe company at least tell you the truth. Help you to get over it and finally give you chances. Even if you a solid person with good credit, pay back everything in time. There is a significant risk of online loan frauds. You get one of them, lose more money and savings.

So, it is always better to choose a legit personal loans company.


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