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One click personal loan calculator is a loan calculating tool to find complete reports on payments every month, interest rates and final balance. Find the report of the monthly payment (EMI), principal, interest, total interest of your personal loan. Find the due balance throughout the terms of years.

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How It Works

Using the loan calculator tool is very simple. Based on the information you provide the tool gives you a complete loan report and payment terms. Fill up the loan form with your details and calculate your loan. Review our sample data below:

Loan Purpose:
personal loan for credit card consolidation
Loan Total Amount:
Interest rate:
Term (in years):
3 Years
Credit Score:
Good (700-750)
Credit History (in years):
3 Years
Annual Income:
ZIP Code (Optional):

Calculator for personal loans fields description:

  • Loan Purpose: Select the reason why you are applying for the loan. For example, if you are applying for a loan for Debt Consolidation purpose select from the options.
  • Loan Amount: Fill the amount based on your financial need. Normally, depending on the lender loan investment policy. You can apply for a personal loan starting from $1000 and can be up to 1 million max.
  • Interest Rates: Input the interest rate typically starting from %3.59 up to 38.7%.
  • Loan Terms: Select the total years you will take to pay off your dues. Two check options to find the calculation in monthly terms or yearly.
  • Credit Score: Select your score range from the drop-down. Example, if your score is 670 you can select Fair (650-699).
  • Credit History: Based on your financial banking history select the personal loan credit history in years. Select from one year to five years or above.
  • Annual Income: The total income from your business and jobs.
  • Zip Code: Enter the zip code of your area. The field is optional.

Calculator FAQ

Our calculator provides you the accurate calculation based on your given information. A great way to find the possible outcomes to make a great pre-payments plan for each month. Let’s find a bit more about how to use the loan calculator.

A personal loan calculator is a mathematical tool that generates a report based on your loan requirements. Based 0n the information provided by the user it generates a computerized report of principal amount, interest amount and total due balance for each month of the loan throughout the terms.

Yes. You can take your complete report with you. Select the checkbox on send a copy and enter your email address. Calculate your loan and your full monthly payments report of personal loan will be in your mailbox.

Just simple and quick. Fill in the form with your details. Click the simple calculate loan now button. See a complete report of the personal loan throughout the terms for every month payments.

Yes. The calculator provides a report based on fixed terms and fixed rate basis. All the results are accurate for EMI calculation. You can also generate a report of debt consolidation loan.

Of course. If your debt consolidation loan is fixed rate and fixed terms basis. Fill in the details and choose purpose to debt consolidation and calculate. You can preview the report and if required we can send it to your email. its completely free of charge.