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3.34% Starting APR

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Reason to Choose Suntrust Lightstream

LightStream personal loan service is a part of SunTrust Bank. To apply for a loan you don’t need to open an account with the bank nor it has any relationship with application terms. Moreover, you can process the loan using the website and the entire process will be online.  The company focuses on borrowers with excellent credit and a robust credit history.

No Proessing Fee

An origination fee is absolutely another trick lenders charges from 1% up to 7%(variables).  But with Lightstream there is no application process fee. Its free of charge and no extra pays.

Take As Many Years As You Want

Pay as long as you want is one of the free-tension policy that you can take up to 144 months to pay off your loan. Freedom easy installments makes it considerably great.

Funds within 24 hours

The funds arrive as quick as the rocket. After approval, it takes a maximum of 24 hours for the fund to be deposited in your account. So, get your money just right after the loan is accepted.

Take a million dollar loan

Well, that’s right. Lightstream offers a personal loan up to 1 million dollars. So, whatever major expense it is, unlike all other lenders you have the full freedom to ask whatever amount you required.


Not all-purpose can be accepted for a personal loan. Lightstream personal loan can be any legal purposes and should be related to personal life such as consolidating debt, making home improvements, or covering other major expenses.


  • Credit score requirement: LightStream credit score is 660 as a minimum, consider to be a good credit.
  • Minimum credit history: Borrowers having several years of credit history. a mix of accounts, stable income, few delinquencies (if any), and a income-to-savings above 30%.
  • Debt-to-income ratio: 40% maximum.

A good credit score can improve your chance of getting the loan approved. Lightstream seeks for the borrowers having a good credit history. Although there is no specific credit score requirement listed as an eligibility requirement. What constitutes good or bad credit is subjective. However, a credit score of 680 or above is generally considered good. A 750 or above is generally considered excellent.

Despite not offering a minimum credit score or maximum debt-to-income ratio, LightStream does outline some key characteristics of borrowers that tend to qualify for a Lightstream personal loan.

  • Many years of credit history (excellent borrowers tend to have five years or more of credit history).
  • Credit history from different accounts such as credit cards, installment loans, and mortgages.
  • Evidence of being stable to save through liquid assets, retirement savings, etc and good income end of all.
  • Borrowers who occasionally fails to give payments (excellent borrowers tend to have credit with no delinquencies at all).

Customer Experiences

Learning from the customer feedbacks creates a solid portrait of the loan experience. We pick-up three feedback that contains true history and solid pros and cons.

“Have had a great experience with them so far. Applied to both Sofi and Lightstream for a personal loan of $14000 to consolidate my credit card debt. I have a 760 credit score but my yearly income is moderate. Within 2 days they approved my application. They called a few times with questions, just trying to understand who I was, what my debt was from, etc. They just needed a payment stub and a photo ID. They ended up giving me a better rate than Sofi- who also accepted me. And I like that they plant a tree for each funded loan. Super happy about the whole experience and enjoyed both phone calls I had with them.”

Jeremy O Hara, Jamaica

“Not a scam company, but not easy to close and no 800# makes it a loan I’m iffy about. I would definitely say if you are self-employed or have rental properties that this isn’t for you. Again, no easy contact number. Took awhile to fund, but funded. I have 800+ credit score, few credit card balances, very few.”

Kelly, San Francisco

“I have had 2 personal loans thru Lending Club and both experiences have been excellent so far. Everything, both times, went very smooth and the money was in my account within few days. They paid my two credit cards off just like they said they would. The only thing I would like to be different is the autopay. I like to pay my bills as I get paid and don’t want to have to wait for anyone to take the money out of my account. Hope I can get this changed. ”

Anna, Texas
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