Selecting the right loan is often difficult to find at times. SoFi makes it easier for you having the fixed rate with autopay automated payment process. SoFi is leading online personal loan finance company. Resolve your debt consolidation or any other financial needs.

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Suddenly when you lose job, SoFi temporarily pause your payments.

SoFi Personal Loan Ratings

Rating is based on personal loans consumer reviews and feedbacks.

SoFi Ratings:

Customer Rating: 3 and half star rating

Rating Score: 4 out of 5 rating

PLI Rating: 10 / 10

NW Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

CK Rating: 4.2/ 5.0

BBB Rating: A+

Reasons To Choose

SoFi loans have always been in the top favorite list for borrowers because of its low interest rates. Zero fees make another great advantage for selecting SoFi as your personal loan lender. The loan purpose can be anything starting from debt consolidation, home improvements, medical emergencies, and all other legal purposes.

SoFi Best for applicants with:

  • Strong credit score. SoFi personal loan requires a minimum credit score of 660, and borrowers average scores are above 700+.
  • Higher Annual Income. Depending on the loan amount you are asking for. Average borrowers income is over $100,000.
  • Fixed rate and no late fees. SoFi does not charge any late fees. You can change your due dates anytime. Not only that you have extra protection in case you lost your job.
  • Start a new career. Get a great career idea from SoFi. From coaching and networking events borrowers can find any opportunities.

SoFi Loan Rates and Terms

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Loan Amount Min. $5,000, Max. $100,000
APR Rates 6% – 15% (fixed and variable rates)
Processing Fees No origination fees, late fees or overdraft fees
Loan Approval Time Same day – up to 7 days
Fund Release Within 7 Days
Repayments Terms 3 to 7 years
Soft credit check? Yes
Minimum Qualification
  • Minimum credit score requirement: 660. (Typically 700 or higher in most cases.)
  • Minimum credit history: Not required.
  • Minimum annual income: Not required. (Average borrowers annual income is over $100,000)
  • No debt-to-income ratio: 0%.


Extra  Autopay option, EMI, flexible options for payments.
Legal States  All except Mississippi.

TrySoFi – Ask The Expert

SoFi loan application process. You can apply for a loan online from SoFi’s website. Get ready to register a new account in SoFi customer accounts. Enjoy the part of the elite club. You will require to provide education and employment supporting documents.

Personal Loan Comparison

When you start thinking about getting a loan today. Compare loans can be a useful tool to find the right match. Before you apply for a SoFi personal loan why not compare with other lending offers. You might find the best personal loan fill your needs and improving savings.

SoFi Amortization Schedule Calculator

Find SoFi Amortization Schedule and EMI payments using the personal loan calculator. Apply for a tension free loan and make a complete payment plan using autopay and other payment methods. Its easy and simple just with a click.

Personal Loan Interest Rates Comparison

Compare the market loans rates and select the right personal loan for you. The interest rates may vary depending on credit history, credit score and loan purpose.

SoFi Personal loan Rates: 6% to 15%

LightStream Personal loan Rates: 3.34% to 14.24%

LendingClub Personal loan Rates: 5.99% to 35.89%

TrySoFi Today – Personal Finance Partner

SoFi is a very well funded online start-up company for personal finance, having funded $30 million to 3,000 members club and 2.05 billion in member savings.

SoFi enables the option for reaching your financial goals following the complementary financial advising from the team of licensed advisors.

The loans approval is not just based on credit scores but also consider factors like career experience, income to expense ratio, financial credit history, and educational qualifications.

The reasons why SoFi is one of the popular medium for getting a personal finance as follows:

  • They are up to date with technology and giving best loans option, You should be able to get your interest rates without hurting your credit score.
  • The application process is easy and completely online, seamless experience with a great user experience.
  • Worried with big banks with the higher interest rates, but SoFi giving low interest rates to borrowers and higher interest rates to lenders.
  • Borrowers from different states experiencing the same benefits and advantages, having the extra joy with unemployment insurance as a free benefit.

SoFi mission and their personal loan product align with the vision of Personal Loan Int.