Unsecured Personal Loans – No Collateral

Collateral requirement makes a loan process slower, longer time to investigate and long process for loan approval. An unsecured personal loan can get you out of that situation. Fast loan process, with no hassle. Get a quick personal loan, and the entire process is online. Sometimes, it even takes less 24 hours for the approval.

Save your TIME enjoy the FAST loan process.

PRODUCT: Unsecured Personal Loans

Personal Loans Int

Lightstream Unsecured Loan

3.59% - 14.24%

No Collateral

0 Process Fee

No pre-payment penalties

Min. 660

Credit Score*

Fast Loan Service

Superb Customer Support

Lightstream unsecured personal loan, an excellent choice for the borrowers looking lowest rates and no collateral required. Its very quick and easy, process the online application, wait till you get the best rate, accept the terms. Your funds will have arrived just after loan approval. 

Discover Unsecured Loan

6.99% - 24.99%

No Collateral

Fast Loan Process

Instalment Facilities

Min. 660

Credit Score*

Short to Long Terms

No origination fee

Get started with Discover unsecured personal loan. Flexible terms and lowest rates, great choice by the people of greater America. One of the trusted and oldest lending company in the United States. Easy installment loan feature is available, including fast loan process.

Prosper Unsecured Loan

‎6.95% - 35.99%

No Collateral

Fast Loan Process

Fixed Rate Loan

Min. 660

Credit Score*

Installment Loan

Monthly Payments

Propser unsecured personal loan, pay back your loan in installments. Set your term, and pay monthly with fixed rate loan. An advantage of Prosper is no collateral required, therefore, a fast loan procces.

Select the right unsecured personal loan for improving your savings. Be wise to review each of the product for brief details to learn more. We always suggest reading the full agreement before you accept to continue with any lending company.

Get a unsecured personal loans, having the lowest rates.

Best deals, no compromise on savings, easy online process.

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Advantages of Unsecured Loans:

  • No collateral required.
  • Fast application process.
  • Comparatively lowest rates.
  • Tension-free loan even just with a job.


Unsecured personal loan approval within one day:

  • The approval takes less then 24 hours.
  • The easy online process makes it seamlessly easier.
  • Fast loan approval by lenders.
  • No collateral so no long process.

An unsecured loan can save you in the time of emergency. When money is required very urgent, we really don’t go for a long process to wait and know, either I am qualified or not. When processing for an unsecured personal loan, you get more options to choose from, lowest possible interest rates and finally the freedom of nothing is deposited to the bank.

We do not guarantee any fixed APR rates and term. The interest rates are fixed by the dedicated lender and can get change at times. 

What Makes Unsecured Loan The Best

Let’s assume you are planning for a loan amount of $50,000. Based on your credit score rating, you get a fixed interest rate of 10.12%, after you submitted all your collateral documents. Just to submit the application and get the rates, you will have to spend minimum 1-2 days. But, with unsecured personal loans, you can apply the right way, get your rates as quickly as one hour. After you get your rates, agreed on terms with the lender, your funds will be deposited directly to your account.

END of the loan process, you will save at least one day of your valuable time. Spending almost equal or less interest rates compared to the other usual secured loans.

When you apply for a loan from any financial institution. The institution requires you to submit a security deposit or collateral as the safety for the lender. In case, you failed to pay back the loan amount. They can get the money you borrowed, by selling or auctioning your collateral. Unsecured loans do not require to provide any such things. So, the only thing that affects with unsecured loan is your credit score for the future loans.

Most commonly, lenders do accept personal loan application with no collateral. You don’t need to deposit any security to the bank, that in case of failing to pay your loan payments, they can get the money back from you using the collateral.  But, unsecured loans only require to provide a good credit report, that proves you are the legitimate applicant and will pay off the borrowed money.

In terms of the fast loan process, and when quicker cash is required. The unsecured loan can be a good option for borrowing. Moreover, unsecured personal loans are comparatively lowest rates and can take longer terms makes it more comfortable and time-saving process.

The borrowing amount is depended on the lender’s choice. Some lender does offer the maximum of 1 million dollars as unsecured personal loans were some offers maximum $30,000 to 50,000 on an average. You can review each of the lenders we listed and find out about the maximum amount of loan you can apply for.

An unsecured personal loan that you can apply for any personal reasons eg: want to do home improvement, or traveling to London for a vacation. Whatever the purpose might be, no collateral or security deposit is required to the application process of an unsecured personal loan.